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Ring of True Sight
Rarity: Very Rare
Aura: Divination (Strong)
This ring appears to be a nondescript precious metal band; often, it is sized for the largest finger of a medium humanoid creature, which may fit it to the smallest finger of a large humanoid creature, or on the thick thumbs of a small humanoid creature.
When worn: the wearer has truesight out to 120 feet. [That creature can see into darkness, natural and magical, automatically discern illusions, perceive the original form of a shapeshifter, see invisibility, and perceive into the ethereal plane within the specified range.] This effect occurs regardless of whether or not the wearer has the appropriate, functional sensory organs.
Such rings can be created by casting True Seeing at the 8th level or higher over the course of 24 hours on a mundane ring of precious metal. A cast at the 8th level lasts for 1 hour; a cast at the 9th level lasts for 12 hours. If the ring remains so enchanted for the full 24 hours, it becomes a Ring of True Sight.
The ring inherits its AC and HP from its progenitor ring. When destroyed, the specific effect of truesight caused by that ring on its wearer, if any, simply ends. (This does not preclude other Rings of True Sight, True Seeing, or racial features from continuing effect.)
Additional such rings have no further effect.
Per Detect Magic, the ring has a strong aura of divination.