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Ring of Greater True Sight
Rarity: Legendary
Aura: Divination (Strong)
This item is the same as the Ring of True Sight, with the following exceptions:
The range of truesight is unlimited. The wearer's vision may be obscured by opaque objects, but it can see into all non-occluded darkness, and witness indefinitely into the ethereal plane, so long as nothing impedes line of sight.
The wearer either automatically passes, or has +15 to, any Perception check relying on sight. (See below.)
Such rings can be created by mortals by keeping a ring continuously enchanted for 240 hours (10 days); see the Ring of True Sight for details on the procedure. After 24 hours, the ring is a Ring of True Sight, but enchantment must continue for it to become a Ring of Greater True Sight. When created this way by mortals, the ring grants +15 to Perception.
Such rings can also be Wished into existence, or crafted by deities. In this case, at the creator's option, the ring may instead grant automatic Perception pass.
When this ring is destroyed: the wearer, if any, adopts the Blind condition for 2d6 hours. This does not affect truesight granted by other Rings of True Sight.