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Necromancer's Ring
Rarity: Legendary
Aura: Necromancy (Strong)
This ring appears to be a nondescript precious metal band; often, it is sized for the largest finger of a medium humanoid creature, which may fit it to the smallest finger of a large humanoid creature, or on the thick thumbs of a small humanoid creature.
When applied to the digits of a living creature, nothing immediately happens (but see below). However, when applied to the digits of a deceased creature, as long as such a recognizeable digit is available, that creature is resurrected, as if by the Resurrection spell. The DM decides how to restore missing body parts--closer ones may move together and merge, while irrecoverable ones may be regrown, for example.
While worn by a living creature, however, that creature is essentially immortal: it automatically passes all death saving throws so long as the ring remains worn on a finger, even if their HP drops below negative one-half their max HP. Effects causing instant death (such as Power Word Kill) are not prevented, but the creature resurrects within a round, being aware they were temporarily killed. The effect does not prevent their body from being mutilated; creatures who are conscious of this but unable to die may roll WIS saves at the DM's discretion; on failure, they become psychotic from the agony.
A group of spellcasters knowing Resurrection or True Resurrection can create this ring by casting a slight variant of that spell while touching the ring. 12 Resurrection casts must be made within the same round to create the ring, or a quarter as many True Resurrection casts (each True Resurrection counts as four Resurrections).
AC and HP are inherited from the progenitor ring. When it is destroyed: if it is being worn by a creature, that creature instantly dies. Otherwise, no other effect occurs.
Per Detect Magic, this ring has a strong aura of necromancy.
When wearing multiple such rings, all of them must be removed to reattain mortality. Additionally, further rings will resurrect within a round after the "instant death" effect posed by one's destruction.