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Dimension Strider Boots
This item appears to be a tall pair of black leather boots with blue streaks throughout the leather.
As a move action, you may shift into 2 or 4 dimensions. Returning to 3 dimensions is also a move action.
While 2 dimensional, you are infinitely thin and can cut through any damage resistance, as well as score critical hits for every succesful attack
If, however, you are hit by a 3 dimensional being while 2 dimensional, you take a critical hit and return to 3 dimensions.
While 4 dimensional, you can pass through walls and floors, as well as dodge attacks from lower dimensional sources.
Attacking while 4 dimensional is complicated, as you can not open your eyes in this state.
What? You thought you were alone in the 4th dimension? If your eyes are opened, you take 4d8 psychic damage per turn.
They have AC 12 and 15 HP each.
When destroyed, the current wearer, if any, is returned to 3 dimensions and is affected by plane shift to a random plane selected by the DM.
Per Detect Magic, there is a moderate conjuration aura surrounding the boots.