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Josh Gordon 4 years ago
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<p>Welcome to COSI's D&amp;D Archive. This site serves two purposes: Storing/displaying content, and procedurally generating new content.</p>
<p>Content, for our purposes, takes the form of custom items, spells, feats, places, characters, monsters, and likely more in the future. Each piece of content will be referred to as an "item" for purposes of technical discussion. Every item is represented as a text file, and it's type (item, spell, place, etc.) is determined by what directory its in (which determines the file format).
Content is also active campaigns in COSI.</p>
<p>This site was created during the Spring 2019 semester. Discussion of custom D&amp;D items became very popular following Graham's C3 campaign, and people began writing these items down. We agreed to keep them all in one place, and construction of this site began. The site grew in scope, eventually supporting search, a "featured" feature on the index page, more item types, and various formatting improvements.</p>
<h3>Technical Details</h3>
<p>D&amp;D Archive is a flask app running on Dubsdot. The frontend is jinja2 templates and CSS, and the backend is python with a git repository.
Items are stored as text files in a git repository, managed by the COSI git server. Whenever a push is made to the repository, a webhook is triggered to pull the repository on dubsdot.</p>
<h3>Getting involved</h3>
Adding content is the easiest way to get involved with this project. Just clone the git repository, write something you made, and push it up to the server.
Development work is an important contribution, whether it's cleaning up existing code or adding new features. Pull requests are encouraged!
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