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Josh Gordon 4 years ago
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Cave of Nightmares
The cave of nightmares is a perfectly ordinary cave southeast of Santa Ignucia.
The name was chosen in an effort to drive up tourism.
And the occasional scream heard for miles. No one knows what's making it, but it's definitely coming from the cave.
The screams roughly coincide with the phase of the moon, but not any of the interesting ones, just a waxing crescent.


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Giant Steppe
Giant Steppe is a large field of extremely tall grass (~2.5 meters) south of Santa Ignucia.
The grass is observed fireproof after many thunderstorms and wildfires in the surrounding area, leading observers to believe it to have grown over the graves of ancient fire giants.
Now, of course ancient fire giants aren't real and are just something you tell kids to make them behave around the Skromft festival, so it's likely just a quirk of natural selection that causes this.
Either way, there must be interesting animals hiding in the grass that no one's discovered yet. The ecosystem is entirely unobserved through the tall grass; perhaps you'd be able to make profound discoveries and cool potions with what you find.


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Lake Ionic
Lake Ionic is a lake far south of Santa Ignucia. A river feeds into it from the north.
The lake is suspected to be incredibly salty, as no animals live in it or drink from it, and it remains liquid throughout winter.
The lake is at the edge of what is visible from the watchtowers in town, so monitoring at night is difficult. There are rumors of movement in the lake at night, but this remains unconfirmed.


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Town of Santa Ignucia
The town of Santa Ignucia is a rare bastion of peace and order since the fall of civilization in the land of Lorind. You adventurers have set up your base of operations in a run-down stone building near the town wall that you found for a reasonable price.
Caravans run to the rest of society, so there is no shortage of goods and services from the shops in town. Food is grown locally in the fields just outside the walls, however no one in town dares to go any farther.
Knowledge of the rest of the continent is sparse and dubiously trustworthy at best; the only reliable information is about locations on the highlands where Santa Ignucia is built.


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Sitting Stones
The sitting stones are a rock formation far to the southeast of Santa Ignucia, due south of the cave of nightmares.
It resembles a group of standing stones, except every stone is supported in a semi-intelligent architectural fashion. No other signs of civilization surround it, and no activity has been spotted around it aside from animals.
Animals act strangely around the sitting stones though; no animal has ever been observed going near the center, and seem to actively avoid it. In extreme cases, wild pigs have been seen chosing to run directly into a pack of wolves rather than be cornered further into the stone circle.


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Spotter's Grove
Spotter's Grove is the forest due east of Santa Ignucia.
Named for the spotters in Santa Ignucia's watchtowers who spend more time monitoring it than any other nearby area, this forest houses several warring goblin tribes.
The goblins don't leave the forest very often, and even when they do, they rarely get close to town, but you still can't afford to take your eye off those green fuckers for a single second.
No one has explored the woods to verify this, but there are rumors that the goblins are fighting over something valuable out there. Is it an ancient caravan? Is it a magical site of great power? Is it just a big shiny rock? No one knows.