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Josh Gordon 4 years ago
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Amber Fossil
Rarity: Legendary
Aura: Strong Abjuration
The Amber Fossil is a small chunk of amber containing the preserved corpse of an ancient dragonfly.
If the owner of the fossil is affected by any ability or spell that modifies the rules of time, the dragonfly comes out of the amber for the next 10 minutes.
While the dragonfly is active, the user is immune to any time-affecting effect, allowing for movement during time stop, nullifying the slow spell, etc.
Furthermore, the dragonfly grants the user the effects of the foresight spell.
The dragonfly is treated as a familiar, and can take actions to assist allies and deliver touch spells. If the dragonfly takes damage, it returns to the amber and it's effects end.
If the amber fossil is destroyed, the area within a 5 foot radius around it is transported back to when the dragonfly was fossilized 65 million years ago.
The amber fossil has AC 14 and 5 HP.


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Boots of Acceleration
Aura: Moderate Conjuration
Rarity: Rare
Boots of Acceleration appear as normal leather cowboy boots, with painted lightning streaks towards the spurs.
When Boots of Acceleration are equipped, nothing happens... until you move.
Upon motion, the user will continue moving in that direction, and cannot stop until the boots are taken off.
Furthermore, the user accelerates by 10ft per round per round. Changing direction is possible but gets harder the faster they are going.
If the user is stopped by force, such as hitting a wall, the boots will continue to apply force until either the wall is broken or the user's feet are crushed to the point of not technically wearing the boots anymore.
Removing the boots at high speed requires a dexterity check of DC 15 plus 1 for each round of acceleration. Teleporting out of the boots or destroying them is a viable alternative.
The boots will eventually destroy themselves with air pressure and drag if left on unopposed.
The boots have AC 12 and 20 HP.


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Prism of Permeability
Aura: Moderate Transmutation
Rarity: Uncommon
Prisms of Permeability are circular sheets of tinted glass, 1/2 inch thick and 1 foot in diameter, with a wooden frame.
The color of the prism depends on what can pass through it. For example, a red prism will allow completely red objects like apples to pass through, while a blue prism would allow water to pass through.
Objects of inappropriate color impact the prism as they would normal glass.
Objects with several distinct colors will only partially pass through the prism, and may get stuck. It is recommended to paint a stuck object to push it through.
To create a prism of permeability, one must cast color spray on a prism of the correct dimensions worth at least 50gp.
When broken, the prism casts said color spray on the nearest creature.
The prism has AC 10 and 5 HP.