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<h2>How to join</h2>
<p>There are four ways to join COSI West Marches.</p>
Be a player in the campaign. This is as easy as finding the DM and asking. Playing in a west marches campaign is not as much of a time commitment as a normal campaign, as there are many players and party excursions are held asynchronously.
Be a villain in the world. This can either be done remotely or in person. You will work with a DM to build a villain for a specific area, and answer the DM's questions about what the villain does in their downtime. If you are local to COSI, you will also play the villain during their encounters with the party.
Be a DM for the campaign. Due to the asynchronicity of game sessions, it will be beneficial to have multiple DMs. You will run games when the players want to have one, and you will help to build the environment the campaign takes place in. You cannot do this if you are a player, as there is much secret information about the environment.
Be a developer for D&amp;D Archive. We aren't cavemen, Spongebob, <i>we have technology</i>. You will help maintain the infrastructure that helps the campaign run smoothly, as well as create tools to improve the experience, such as bookkeeping tools and procedural generators.
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