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Added a mechanics section to Kyren's Flaming Sphere

Graham Northup 3 years ago
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@ -16,3 +16,8 @@ Creatures underwater are immune to the effect.
If you wish, you can refrain from firing the the globe after completing the spell. A small globe, about the size of a sling stone, warm to the touch, appears in your hand. You can give this stone to a creature to throw it to a range of 40', or sling it to within that sling's range. On impact, it shatters, resulting in the normal effect. If the stone is set down, it doesn't shatter, but still explodes when shattered (e.g., when struck) or after 1 minute. The damage, when stored this way, increases by 1d6 at the end of each of your turns after its creation, up to a maximum of 18d6.
When cast at levels above 7, add 6d6 damage to the effect and to the maximum when cast in a delayed fashion for each level above the 7th.
The spell is named for Kyren, a Fukuru (owl-kin) arcane savant (and none-too-bad sorcerer) who took great interest in categorizing and classifying the particles of spells. In the canon, the spell came about in his research as a combination of Otiluke's Freezing Sphere and Delayed Blast Fireball.