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  1. Drink Warmer
  2. ------------
  3. Rarity: Very Rare
  4. Aura: Strong Conjuration
  5. The drink warmer is a small silver plate with an ornate knob on the bottom. It hovers in mid-air and self stabilizes, but is easily moved manually.
  6. The knob on the bottom is constantly forcing open a tunnel through space past the great old ones and to entities so removed from this plane of existence that they can barely be said to exist at all. Said entities harbor such rage for the material universe, their anger alone produces physical heat that can be siphoned off back through the tunnel, and used to warm any drink placed on the plate to a pleasant temperature.
  7. The drink warmer has 10 AC and 5 HP
  8. Please do not destroy it, the consequences do not turn out well for you.