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  1. Spudnik
  2. -------
  3. Rarity: Legendary
  4. Aura: Strong transmutation
  5. """
  6. You are deep in a forgotten dungeon. You approach a locked door, and break your way in to the room behind it.
  7. Inside, a bronze staff with a vertical disc and two prongs on the end sticks out of a worryingly large pile of potatoes.
  8. You reach for the staff, and upon grasping it, a stange, vegetative mood comes over you.
  9. """
  10. Spudnik is a staff that, when grasped, turns the creature into a potato. Spudnik can be carried with telekinesis, or tongs.
  11. A potatoed creature does not age while a potato, however any damage sustained to the potato transfers to the creature.
  12. Potatoes have 10 AC and 2 HP, have no senses and cannot communicate or take actions.
  13. A creature in a potato does not think, and does not experience the passage of time.
  14. All items on the creature remain on them in the potato.
  15. When the staff is broken, all potatoed creatures return to normal.
  16. The staff has 14 AC and 30 HP.