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  1. Bigby's Hand
  2. ------------
  3. Kind: Evocation 5
  4. Time: 1 action
  5. Range: 120'
  6. Components: V, S, M (an eggshell and a snakeskin glove)
  7. Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute
  8. Lists: Wizard
  9. As in the 5e PHB, but with the following erratum:
  10. At higher levels: Add 1 to the STR score of the hand for each level cast above the 5th. At the 7th level, the grasping hand has advantage against creatures of size Large or smaller; at 9th level, it has advantage against Huge or smaller.
  11. Mechanics
  12. ---------
  13. At the 9th level, this makes the STR score of the hand 30 (+10 mod). This is a fair contest with the strongest monsters in the game.
  14. These modifications are intended to bring a high-level cast of the spell close to the mechanics of the Iron Bands of Bilarro/Binding.