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  1. Boots of Acceleration
  2. ---------------------
  3. Aura: Moderate Conjuration
  4. Rarity: Rare
  5. Boots of Acceleration appear as normal leather cowboy boots, with painted lightning streaks towards the spurs.
  6. When Boots of Acceleration are equipped, nothing happens... until you move.
  7. Upon motion, the user will continue moving in that direction, and cannot stop until the boots are taken off.
  8. Furthermore, the user accelerates by 10ft per round per round. Changing direction is possible but gets harder the faster they are going.
  9. If the user is stopped by force, such as hitting a wall, the boots will continue to apply force until either the wall is broken or the user's feet are crushed to the point of not technically wearing the boots anymore.
  10. Removing the boots at high speed requires a dexterity check of DC 15 plus 1 for each round of acceleration. Teleporting out of the boots or destroying them is a viable alternative.
  11. The boots will eventually destroy themselves with air pressure and drag if left on unopposed.
  12. The boots have AC 12 and 20 HP.