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  1. Focus of Instantaneity
  2. ----------------------
  3. Rarity: Legendary
  4. Aura: Generic
  5. This item takes the form of any class-specific spellcasting focus.
  6. When a spell is cast with this focus present (not necessarily used as a component), up to three times per day, the caster can cast the spell as a bonus action, regardless of its actual casting time.
  7. At the beginning of the day, the caster can use the focus to designate one spell they know and have prepared (if needed). The first time the above feature of this focus is used with that spell during that day, no spell slot is expended.
  8. Such foci can be created by one or more high-level sorcerers, who can use the Quickened Spell metamagic feat, expending 20 sorcery points (enough for 10 Quickened Spells) into one focus.
  9. The focus retains its usual AC and HP. When destroyed, roll an unconditional magic surge with its bearer as the caster, targeting the creature and/or object that destroyed it (prefer the creature when both are plausible).
  10. Per Detect Magic, the focus has an aura of no particular school affiliation.