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  1. Focus of Extension
  2. ------------------
  3. Rarity: Legendary
  4. Aura: Generic
  5. This item takes the form of any class-specific spellcasting focus.
  6. When a spell is cast with this focus present (not necessarily used as a component), once per day, the caster can choose to extend the duration of the spell whose duration is not "Instantaneous" to one full day. If such a spell was already being extended, that effect concludes. If the spell is concentration, the caster need no longer concentrate on it (as if the focus does the concentration). If the spell has contingencies about ending due to certain distances or differences in location from the caster, the focus may be treated as the caster for such calculations, in addition to the real caster, with the calculation chosen that gives the best chance for the spell to continue.
  7. If the same spell cast at the same level on the same targets (and with the same specifics and details) is cast and extended using this focus for each of 7 consecutive days, the duration extension for the final cast becomes "Until dispelled", as long as the same focus isn't used to extend another spell or destroyed.
  8. Such foci can be created by targeting a focus with a 9th level cast of Permanency, an extremely rare and difficult-to-find spell, likely to only be a single-use scroll. [The spell is attested in 3.5e, but not in 5e.]
  9. The focus retains its usual AC and HP. When destroyed, the spell it is extending, if any, ends.
  10. Per Detect Magic, the focus has an aura of no particular school affiliation.