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  1. Eternal Rest
  2. ------------
  3. Rarity: Rare
  4. Aura: Strong necromancy
  5. Eternal Rest is a +3 longbow made out of carefully carved bone with a black steel bowstring.
  6. The limbs of the bow are spiraled by a shifting set of characters that spell out incantations
  7. in Abyssal when the bow is fired.
  8. Any undead creature struck by an arrow fired from Eternal Rest must pass on a wisdom save against
  9. DC 10+proficiency or be affected by Turn Undead.
  10. Any undead creature killed by an arrow fired from Eternal Rest instantly evaporates, and cannot be
  11. made into another undead.
  12. If a living creature is killed by Eternal Rest, and the attack roll that killed it was a natural 20,
  13. the creature becomes reanimated as undead and under control of the user.