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<meta charset="utf-8" />
<title>COSI Random</title>
<body class="content">
Hello, welcome to COSI Random! Have a complementary bit:
<div id="free_bit" style="height: 1em;"></div>
<h3>Add a bit to the entropy pool:</h3>
<button onClick="send(true)">One</button>
<button onClick="send(false)">Zero</button>
Need a bit? Get some here:
<div id="bits" style="min-height: 1em;"></div>
<button onClick="get_bit(1)">Get bit</button>
<button onClick="get_bits(10)">Get bit x10</button>
<button onClick="get_bits(100)">Get bit x100</button>
<button onClick="get_bits(1000)">Get bit x1000</button>
<script src="/index.js"></script>