Infinity Calculator implementation for Assignment 2 in Computer Organization.
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Infinity Calculator Implementation by Cameron Weinfurt

This calculator implementation supports the required addition, subtraction and
multiplication, but also exponentiation. The calculator will recognize
division, but will ignore the operation. Each line is evaluated as a single
math expression. The executable is called "infcalc".

The provided makefile is set up to build the infinity calculator using gcc
using -O2 optimizations and cleaning up object files made as an
intermediate. Running make with no rule specified will build the calculator.
To perform a build that runs the unit tests and displays debug information,
run "make dev". As part of the build process for development builds, the
calculator is run within valgrind to ensure that the there are no memory leaks
within the calculator.

Additional testing:
The provided "in.txt" file contains a collection of test cases whose output
is in "out.txt". Run the following command to run the calculator on each test:

$ cat in.txt | /.infcalc