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Kuler is small and nifty node module that allows you to create terminal based colors using hex color codes, just like you're used to doing in your CSS. We're in a modern world now and terminals support more than 16 colors so we are stupid to not take advantage of this.


npm install --save kuler


Kuler provides a really low level API as we all have different opinions on how to build and write coloring libraries. To use it you first have to require it:

'use strict';

var kuler = require('kuler');

There are two different API's that you can use. A constructor based API which uses a .style method to color your text:

var str = kuler('foo').style('#FFF');

Or an alternate short version:

var str = kuler('foo', 'red');

The color code sequence is automatically terminated at the end of the string so the colors do no bleed to other pieces of text. So doing:

console.log(kuler('red', 'red'), 'normal');

Will work without any issues.