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Colorspace is a simple module which generates HEX color codes for namespaces. The base color is decided by the first part of the namespace. All other parts of the namespace alters the color tone. This way you can visually see which namespaces belong together and which does not.


The module is released in the public npm registry and can be installed by running:

npm install --save colorspace


We assume that you've already required the module using the following code:

'use strict';

var colorspace = require('colorspace');

The returned function accepts 2 arguments:

  1. namespace string, The namespace that needs to have a HEX color generated.
  2. delimiter, string, optional, Delimiter to find the different sections of the namespace. Defaults to :


console.log(colorspace('color')) // #6b4b3a
console.log(colorspace('color:space')) // #796B67