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Welcome to GMx, the game server of COSI.
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Modpack wth most tech mods, and some magic mods to change it up. See <a href="007.html">this page</a> for more details.
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Be sure to fetch <a href="files/">the latest modpack version (v6)</a>!
<h4>IP and Port:</h4>
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<h4>Current Status:</h4>
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<h2>Installation Instructions</h2>
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Click <a href="install.html">here</a> for help on installing things.
<h2>Files, and Old Versions</h2>
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All of the current versions can be found at <a href="/files">/files</a>,
and older versions of mods can be found at <a href="/old">/old</a>.
<h2>Contact Information</h2>
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<a href="">contact</a> the operator here.
We will reply as soon as possible
<h4>Website Licensing</h4>
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for music licensing, click <a href="music.html">here</a>
for font licensing, click <a href="font/">here</a>
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