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<title>007 Map Scenario, Rules</title>
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<h2>The Scenario</h2>
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Place yourself in the 1890's. The golden spike has just been driven not too long ago, trains can now reach California from the east coast, and the gold rush is in full swing. Cars are not quite popular yet, but they are beginning production. Most paths are not very maintained, and there are no real "roads" between cities. The industrial age is just beginning to get interesting.
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You want to build your production empire of iron, steel, coal, oil, and other materials. To do this, you are working with your team of engineers (the Conglomerate of Outrageously Smart Individuals) to build a rapid rail network, large scale electric system, mining operations, and processing facilities. Your objective is to build all of the major cities with new contracts you will be getting, and also to link all of the corners of the nation. Your objective is also to find new production process and invent some new things along the way, to automate production.
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Together, you and your friends at the Conglomerate of Outrageously Smart Individuals have bought out various mining sites across the country that were being foreclosed on by the World's Bank. You also plan to construct some new factories and mining areas as the company progresses. You are not allowed to build within the city limits, except where there are existing manufacturing facilities. You don't have enough lobbyists in Congress yet to do that.
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You agree to meet your colleagues at a point in the middle of the eastern portion of the United States. (this is the spawnpoint)
<li>Do not terrorize the local population by destroying or plundering their homes. Properties extend 2 blocks away in every direction around the foundation of a home.</li>
<li>You may have 1 home per city, funded by the company. You have rights to everything inside, and can destroy the building and rebuild if you please. If you expand the floorplan by more than twice it's size, it needs to be approved by the city planner before construction.</li>
<li>You may place tracks wherever you want outside of cities, bore tunnels and build bridges as you please. Within cities, it must be approved by the city planner.</li>
<li>You may NOT block any rivers or terraform massive landscapes. You only have the steam shovel, so don't be destroying large hills or digging deep pits. Making spaces level with the steam bulldozer is permissible.</li>
<li>The government has not allowed you to dig for ores anywhere other than where your mines are located, except in very small quantities per day (under 64 per ore).</li>
<li>Pole laws do not exist, so you may assume that you can place power poles anywhere you want.</li>
<li>Do not block roads or paths with any pipes or machinery.</li>
<li>The EPA doesn't exist yet, so you may burn as many trees as you want. Large tracts of state parks do exist in the Appalachian mountains however, so the thicker forests (typically 15-20 blocks tall) are off-limits, but are covered by imminent domain (for railroads only).</li>
<li>The company is willing to allocate any of it's natural resources for this project. This means that there are no shareholders to satisfy, until later when you produce large quantities of equipment. (They are mostly long-term investors.)</li>
<h2>Final Thoughts:</h2>
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Obviously, we don't have a steam shovel or steam bulldozer entity. I'm implying the overly OP user digging and mining skills.
The city planner, for every city 'cause can, is Mr. Dunbar, and has the FINAL say.
If a resource is not naturally available, contact the shipmasters at the port of New Orleans, and trade with the French for things you need. If there is a map feature that is missing that is normally naturally generated, contact the city planner.
Payments are accepted in Diamonds, Emeralds, and Gold Bars.
As needed, the rules may be amended or re-balanced.
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As you look around your NYC office, you find this map.
<h2>Map Statistics:</h2>
<li>The map is 1.7GiB in size (and probably will become bigger with modded blocks metadata and such)</li>
<li>The map is about 12km wide by 5.5km "tall", The United states is 4313km wide by 2545km "tall".</li>
<li>The map is 360:1 on the width and 460:1 on the height (approximately). The map is a slight bit squashed top to bottom, but not horribly so.</li>
<li>This means that every meter (block) in Minecraft is anywhere from 350 to 450 meters in the real world.</li>
<li>Potsdam is approximately 4km wide by 4km tall in real life, so in Mineraft it's about 11 blocks wide by 8 blocks tall.</li>
<!-- I expect COSI to be made, and there MUST be a server room there :P -->
<li>Most of the resources have been placed strategically, using a map from the USGS on where resources are found in the US. The exceptions being Redstone, AE2 Ores, O</li>
Math for calculating the size of something in the world compared to the USA
(12/4313) * 1000 * (width in km IRL) = (width in minecraft blocks)
(5.5/2545) * 1000 * (height in km IRL) = (height in minecraft blocks)


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Modpack wth most tech mods, and some magic mods to change it up. The structure of the world is very special, due to the nature of the world. The world is a map of the continental US, which is ingame about 12km across, and we have scattered "admin producers" across the world. What happens is that instead of mining, you have to make train tracks to these locations (which are mostly established, but shoddy), and make factories to make materials on a very large scale.
Modpack wth most tech mods, and some magic mods to change it up. See <a href="007.html">this page</a> for more details.
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<h4>IP and Port:</h4>
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