DNS zonefiles for the `cosi.clarkson.edu`, `cslabs.clarkson.edu`, and `csprojects.clarkson.edu` subdomains
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$TTL 1h
@ IN SOA talos.cslabs.clarkson.edu. root.cslabs.clarkson.edu. (
226 ; serial
1d ; refresh
2h ; retry
1w ; expire
1800 ) ; negative caching-ttl
; Namservers
@ IN NS talos
; 144 subnet
cthulu IN A
cosi-01 IN A
cosi-02 IN A
cosi-03 IN A
cosi-04 IN A
cosi-05 IN A
cosi-06 IN A
cosi-07 IN A
cosi-08 IN A
3dprinter IN A
rx480 IN A
unifi01 IN A
itl-00 IN A
itl-01 IN A
itl-02 IN A
itl-03 IN A
itl-04 IN A
itl-05 IN A
itl-06 IN A
itl-07 IN A
itl-08 IN A
itl-09 IN A
itl-10 IN A
itl-11 IN A
itl-12 IN A
itl-13 IN A
itl-14 IN A
itl-15 IN A
itl-16 IN A
itl-17 IN A
itl-18 IN A
itl-19 IN A
itl-20 IN A
itl-21 IN A
itl-22 IN A
itl-23 IN A
itl-24 IN A
itl-25 IN A
cugc-mc IN A
; 145 subnet
ziltoid IN A
talos IN A
atlas IN A
bacon IN A
mirror IN A
f1 IN A
f2 IN A
tiamat IN A
hydra IN A
grand-dad IN A
elephant IN A
monika IN A
unbound IN A
ender IN A
voip IN A
printer IN A
info IN A
honors IN A
norm IN A
comm IN A
undocs IN A
docs IN A
bouncer IN A
dubsdot IN A
dubsdot2 IN A
@ IN A
fog IN A
crow IN A
esports IN A
cugi-mc IN A
gitea IN A
nas3 IN A
red-dwarf IN A
prometheus IN A
swm1 IN A
swm2 IN A
swm3 IN A
swm4 IN A
; 146 subnet
146dhcp IN A
hnd-dev IN A
; IPv6
ziltoid IN AAAA 2605:6480:c051:0002::1
talos IN AAAA 2605:6480:c051:0003::1
atlas IN AAAA 2605:6480:c051:0004::1
bacon IN AAAA 2605:6480:c051:0005::1
unbound IN AAAA 2605:6480:c051:0053::1
mirror IN AAAA 2605:6480:c051:0100::1
dubsdot2 IN AAAA 2605:6480:c051:0200::1
c051 IN AAAA 2605:6480:c051:c051:c051:c051:c051:c051
voip6 IN AAAA 2605:6480:c051:0101::1
norm IN AAAA 2605:6480:c051:0303::1
dns1 IN CNAME talos
dns2 IN CNAME atlas
lapras IN CNAME talos
radius IN CNAME talos
files IN CNAME dubsdot2
print IN CNAME dubsdot
fsuvius IN CNAME dubsdot
fsu IN CNAME dubsdot
ip IN CNAME dubsdot
talks IN CNAME dubsdot2
sklat IN CNAME talks
grm IN CNAME dubsdot
pluto IN CNAME dubsdot
cnrl IN CNAME dubsdot
derpysayings IN CNAME dubsdot
place IN CNAME dubsdot
scan IN CNAME dubsdot
life IN CNAME dubsdot
poem IN CNAME dubsdot
waste IN CNAME dubsdot
starwars IN CNAME dubsdot
clarkson IN CNAME dubsdot
dev IN CNAME dubsdot
tsdata IN CNAME dubsdot
browniepoints IN CNAME dubsdot
wishlist IN CNAME dubsdot
dndarchive IN CNAME dubsdot
dnd IN CNAME dubsdot
folding IN CNAME dubsdot
random IN CNAME dubsdot2
automatafl IN CNAME dubsdot
beep IN CNAME ziltoid
git IN CNAME gitea
drupal IN CNAME dubsdot2
condor IN CNAME amethyst.woodstock.clarkson.edu.
condor-team IN CNAME stew3254.github.io.
www.condor-team IN CNAME stew3254.github.io.
; SRV records
_ldap._tcp IN SRV 5 10 636 talos
_ldap._tcp IN SRV 5 5 389 talos
_kerberos._udp IN SRV 5 10 88 talos
_kerberos._udp IN SRV 5 5 750 talos
_kpasswd._tcp IN SRV 5 10 464 talos
_kpasswd._tcp IN SRV 5 9 749 talos
; TXT records
@ IN CAA 128 issue "letsencrypt.org"
talos IN CAA 128 issue "talos.cslabs.clarkson.edu"
atlas IN CAA 128 issue "letsencrypt.org"
mirror IN CAA 128 issue "letsencrypt.org"
dubsdot IN CAA 128 issue "letsencrypt.org"
library IN CAA 128 issue "letsencrypt.org"
gitea IN CAA 128 issue "letsencrypt.org"