Teaching how to use the COSI switches
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COSI Networking Tutorial

The objective of these documents is to teach one how to administrate the COSI network stack (as well as an introduction into various protocols and such)


  • basics.md
    • Goes over the basics about the different types of protocols and tools used
  • EX4500-40F.md
    • Goes into depth about how to administrate a Juniper EX4500-40F network switch
    • As of writing, this is the core switch that operates the labs
  • TL-SG3424.md
    • Goes into depth about hw to administrate a TP-Link TL-SG3424 network switch
    • As of writing, this switch model is used for our copper links in the network and server racks

Where to start

I would personally start in basics.md and get to understand the concepts involved.

Once you have done that, grab swm4 (if you can - as of writing, is used to teach on) and follow the tutorial for the TL-SG3424.

If you finish with that, you may be given permission to use swf1, which as of writing is the core switch, and follow the tutorial for the EX-4500-40F.