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# Using the TL-SG3424
This guide is in no way comprehensive - if you have more curiosities, you should read the manual in the `manuals/TL-SG3424` folder.
## Contents
* Basic Operations
* Log In
* Overview
* Managing VLAN Configurations
* View VLAN configuration
* Adding/Removing VLAN ID's
* Set up a ACCESS port
* Set up a TRUNK port
* Managing STP Configurations
* View STP configuration
* Change STP configuration
## Basic Operations
### Log in
To log into a network switch, enter it's IP address into your browser.
A current table of addresses:
|Switch Name|IP Address|
For these examples, we will be logging into `swm4`.
Once you get to the login page, log in with the typical lab credentials for `csguest`.
![login screen](images/TL-SG3424/login-screen.png "login screen")
Click `Login`.
### Overview
This is what you see when you log in.
![overview](images/TL-SG3424/overview.png "overview")
On the left are the menus that allow you to navigate to different parts of the configuration interface. On the top are the tabs that allow you configure that particular part of the configuration interface, and change the current view.
In this view, we can see what ports are connected. Ports 1 and 18 currently have gigabit connections. 100M connections and 10M connections will look different.
Below that, we have information about the system itself, as well as the configuration IP address and the system uptime, among other tidbits of information.
## Managing VLAN Configurations
These instructions are for utilization of the VLAN configuration panel.
### View VLAN configuration
### Adding and Removing VLAN ID's
### Set up an ACCESS port
### Set up a TRUNK port
## Managing STP configurations
These instructions are for utilization of the STP configuration panel.
**IMPORTANT NOTE:** The OIT link we have will administratively go down automatically if it recieves ANY STP packets! **DO _NOT_** allow STP packets to touch OIT's network. You **MUST** disable STP for these interfaces!
### View STP configuration
### Edit STP Configuration



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