Database of IP address allocations, VLAN tables, network maps, etc.
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The Great IPv6 Subnetting Committee


Gateway: 2605:6480:c051::1/48

        | |||| |||64 . . User IP addresses
        | |||| ||60
        | |||| |56
        | |||| 52
        | |||48  . . . . COSI Subnet Size
        | ||44
        | |40
        | 36
        32 . . . . . . . Clarkson’s Subnet Size

Allocation Space

2 Bytes of reasonably addressable space (from the top of the allocated subnet to the /64's)


  • Subnet for servers
  • Subnet for a security network
  • Subnet for DHCP
  • Subnet for Static IP’s for users (/64 per person (not device)?)
  • Reserved space for future use?

Number of /64’s contained

  • /48: 65,536
  • /52: 4,096
  • /56: 256
  • /60: 16
  • /64: 1


  • Allocations: Logical groupings of devices


ipv6 purpose
2605:6480:c051::1/128 OIT Gateway (the only one)
2605:6480:c051:0xxx::1/52 Server Network (each server gets a /64)
2605:6480:c051:1xxx::1/52 DHCP Network (each user gets a /64)
2605:6480:c051:2xxx::1/52 Static User Networks (users get their own /64’s)
2605:6480:c051:3xxx::1/52 Shenanigans that can get IP’s blocked
... (4-b) Reserved for future use
2605:6480:c051:cxxx::1/52 Random “C” Stuff (COSI, CS, Computer, etc.)
2605:6480:c051:dxxx::1/52 VPN/Remote Locations
2605:6480:c051:exxx::1/52 ITL/COSI/Research Statics
2605:6480:c051:fxxx::1/52 Security Network

Server Network Allocations

ipv6 purpose
2605:6480:c051:00xx::1/56 Network Critical Services
2605:6480:c051:01xx::1/56 Public Services
2605:6480:c051:02xx::1/56 Infrastructure Monitoring/Controlling Services
2605:6480:c051:03xx::1/56 Server Hardware
2605:6480:c051:04xx::1/56 Server Hardware Reserved for Future
2605:6480:c051:05xx::1/56 Server Hardware Reserved for Future
2605:6480:c051:06xx::1/56 Network Hardware
2605:6480:c051:06xx::1/56 Network Hardware Reserved for Future
2605:6480:c051:08xx::1/56 Virtual Machines
2605:6480:c051:09xx::1/56 Virtual Machines as needed
2605:6480:c051:0axx::1/56 Virtual Machines as needed
2605:6480:c051:0bxx::1/56 Virtual Machines as needed
2605:6480:c051:0cxx::1/56 Containers
2605:6480:c051:0dxx::1/56 Containers as needed
2605:6480:c051:0exx::1/56 Containers as needed
2605:6480:c051:0fxx::1/56 Containers as needed

Technically, containers and VM's are in a /57? if we cared. Big enough? 2048 addresses.

Network Critical Services:

ipv6 purpose
2605:6480:c051:0000::1/128 Gateway (OIT)
... tbd
2605:6480:c051:0002::1/52 Ziltoid
2605:6480:c051:0003::1/52 Talos (
2605:6480:c051:0005::1/52 bacon
... tbd

Public Services:

ipv6 purpose
2605:6480:c051:0100::1/52 mirror
... tbd
2605:6480:c051:0107::1/52 the-internet
... tbd

Infrastructure Monitoring/Controlling Services:

Server Hardware:

Network Hardware:

Virtual Machines:



ipv6 purpose
2605:6480:c051:1000::1/128 Talos
2605:6480:c051:1***::/52 Allocations (format tbd)

Random C Stuff:

ipv6 purpose
... tbd
2605:6480:c051:c051:c051:c051:c051:c051/128 alias
... tbd