Database of IP address allocations, VLAN tables, network maps, etc.
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This is a list of maintainers for the labs


Location Device Maintainer IP Addresses Purpose
COSI 3D Printer TJ 3D Printer
ITL ITL Computers TJ, Ryan, Cameron
COSI COSI Computers TJ, Ryan, Cameron
COSI Printer TJ 8x11 BW Printing
COSI Scan Pi & Scanner Thomas 128.153.144.? Scanner
Server Room UPS's TJ Power Distribution


Location Device Maintainer IP Address
Server Room swf1 TJ, Ryan, Cameron, Graham
Server Room swm1 TJ, Ryan, Cameron, Graham
Server Room swm2 TJ, Ryan, Cameron, Graham
Server Room swm3 TJ, Ryan, Cameron, Graham
Server Room swm4 TJ, Ryan, Cameron, Graham
Server Room WiFi TJ, Graham 128.153.144.?


Location Device Maintainer IP Address Purpose
Server Room Androbattery Cameron Unused
Server Room bacon Ryan, Cameron NFS, CS Labs Website
Server Room elephant Cameron Backups
Server Room geoffery Unused
Server Room granddad Ryan, Cameron VM Host
Server Room hydra Ryan, Cameron VM Host
Server Room mirror Cameron, Ben, Jared, Bobby Mirror
2nd Floor monika Ryan 2nd Floor Network Bridge
Server Room nas1 Cameron Unused
Server Room nas3 Jeanna Research
Server Room norm Unused
Server Room prometheus Jeanna 128.153.145.? Research
Server Room red dwarf Jeanna 128.153.145.? Research
Server Room salvato Ryan 128.153.145.? VPN
ITL secnet Ryan, Cameron 128.153.145.? Security Network
ITL secgen Ryan, Cameron Security VM Host
Server Room starkist Ryan, Graham Wiretap
Server Room talos Ryan, Cameron DHCP, DNS, LDAP, Kerberos, Radius, IPv6 Subnet Broadcasts
Server Room the-internet TJ Unused
Server Room tor-exit Ryan Off
2nd Floor uncle-deadly Cameron 128.153.145.? Backups
Server Room ziltoid Ryan, Cameron Firewall

Virtual Machines (and containers)

All virtual machines are maintained by the VM Host maintainers

VM Host Name Maintainer IP Address Purpose
any 146dhcp Ryan 128.153.146.? DHCP for 146 Network (DNS Later?)
any anthonyresearch Jeanna 128.153.145.? Research
any atlas Ryan, Cameron DHCP, DNS
any bouncer TJ 128.153.145.? IRC Bouncer
any comm Graham 128.153.145.? Mumble Server
any crow Josh 128.153.145.? Discord Bot Server
any csoutreach 128.153.145.? CS Outreach Website (to be moved to Dubsdot ASAP)
any docker 128.153.145.? To be used??
any eldoom Cameron 128.153.145.? Moodle
any git Cameron, Andy 128.153.145.? Git Server, Documentation
any gmx Cameron, 152 Game Server
any iotnet Ryan 128.153.146.? IoT Router
any library Thomas COSI Library
any lxc 128.153.145.? LXC container server (migrate Git to VM with Gitea soon)
any noc TJ 128.153.145.? Network Operations Center (monitoring)
any odin TJ Polaris Clone
any peterDB N/A 128.153.145.? CS 350
any ros nfs Andy 128.153.145.? ROS NFS
any science olympiad nfs Ryan 128.153.145.? Science Olympiad NFS
hydra sdrserver Graham 128.153.145.? SDR Server
any tino N/A 128.153.145.? Tino's VM
any undocs TBD Undocumentation
any unifi TJ, Graham 128.153.145.? Unifi Controller
any voip Cameron VoIP Server

Dubsdot Services

Service Name Maintainer Purpose
browniepoints Reece
clarkson.cosi Reece
derpysayings Reece
fsu Reece
grm Graham
history Andy
life Reece
networking? Reece
place Reece
pluto Reece
poem Reece
print Reece
recursion Reece
scan Thomas
scheduler Reece
starwars Josh
talks/sklat Reece
tsdata Graham
waste Reece