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Tiamat is the name of our secondary VM host, taking the name of a hydra from DnD to go along with Hydra. This is a temporary arrangement and will be changed into a compute server once the new VM Host arrives.

Basic Info

  • CPU: 16 Core AMD Opteron 6220
  • RAM: 8x8 GB DDR3-1333
  • HDDs: Unknown 279.4G HDD
  • Motherboard:
  • Power supply:
  • Chassis:
  • NICs:
    • 10G Fiber: Mellanox Technologies MT26448 (00:02:c9:57:11:66)
    • Ethernet: Intel Corporation 82576
      • c:16:2d:a4:6f:8e
      • ac:16:2d:a4:6f:8f [Unused]
      • ac:16:2d:a4:6f:92 [Unused]
      • ac:16:2d:a4:6f:93 [Unused]




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