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It's a VoIP server; it exists on VLAN 2 (private network) and VLAN 5 (phone network).

Basic Info

VoIP provides an interface on VLAN 2 and is the DHCP server and gateway for VLAN 5.


Created in Fall 2018 the first week we got back by Jared and Graham, it was used at the Fall 2018 career fair. Notably, Tony Collins dialed 804 ("You're an All Star") on a Grandstream GXP 1625 and enjoyed the system we had set up.

The system was later upgraded with many audio snippets and also the ability to do conference bridges (70x numbers) without authentication to the server.


It's arch. Good luck.

pacman -Syu asterisk

Copy config files from Asterisk config folder.

Be sure to configure the interface for VLAN 5 as a DHCP server (use the dhcpd4 package for this) as well as using iptables to provide NAT to that interface.

Proposed change: This system uses it's own host based firewall, and would be suitable to put on VLAN 3 as it has a passthrough in the Ziltoid rules. It also uses UDP and does UDP blocks which are inefficient on Ziltoid.