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# Virtual Machine Hosts
There are many reasons to use virtual machines or containers as a place for services to exist on. Unless there is a specific reason why a service needs to run on bare metal, then it should probably be virtualized. To facilitate these services, a number of machines are delegating to hosting them; the VM Hosts. As of right now, these are [Hydra](, [Tiamat]( and [Grand-Dad](
If you want to create a VM or container, ask a sysadmin to set on up for you and they will prepare it for you and help you log into it. You should also name your VMs and containers descriptively to help other lab member understand what they are. Better yet, document what they are on this wiki.
Even though our VM Hosts are powerful, they are still limited. During the Fall of 2019, Hydra was experiencing packet loss and was running with all of memory and swap almost full. This lead to the creation of the Tiamat VM Host to offload some of the work. In addition, VMs and containers that aren't actively being used or maintained will probably be shut down. Undocumented VMs and containers will be deleted without warning.
# Hydra
Hydra is our primary VM host. It is currently running 18.04.03 LTS
## Installation:
### Additional packages:
htop iotop iftop lm_sensors vim sudo qemu libvirtd screen rsync tmux p7zip
### Additional configuration:
## Hardware:
!!! Danger
The heat sink on CPU0 is not secured completely. This is not from misuse, but still results in the hardware being extra sensitive to a bump leading to the cooler becoming dislodged and rolling around the rack. Servers should always be handled with care regardless of the circumstance, but in this case an effort must be made.
* CPU: 2x 16 Core AMD Opteron 6376
* 2x Noctua CPU Coolers
* RAM: 4x 16GB DDR3-1600 ECC RAM
* HDDs: 5x 2TB Segate Constelation HDD w/ RAID 6
* Motherboard: Super Micro MBD-H8DG6-F-0 Motherboard EATX
* Power supply: Silver Stone 550 Watt 80+ Platinum
* Chassis: Roswell 4u Server Chassis
* NICs:
* 10G Fiber: Mellanox Technologies MT26448 (00:02:c9:51:77:2c)
* Ethernet: Intel Corporation 82576 (0c:c4:7a:c6:e7:88, 0c:c4:7a:c6:e7:89) [Unused]
## Services:
* anthonyresearch
* atlas
* bouncer
* cjsd
* crow
* docker [Inactive]
* docs [Inactive]
* dubsdot
* eldoom
* gitea
* GMy [Inactive]
* info
* library
* linalg [Inactive]
* mail [Inactive]
* nagios [Inative]
* OpenVPN
* qvm
* ros-pxe [Inactive]
* Scan2 [Inactive]
* sdrserver [Inactive]
* seance-pxe
* tino
* undocs
* undocs [Unused]
* unifycontroller
* voip
# Tiamat
Tiamat is the name of our secondary VM host, taking the name of a hydra from DnD to go along with [Hydra]( This is a temporary arrangement and will be changed into a compute server once the new VM Host arrives.
## Installation:
### Additional packages:
### Additional configuration:
## Hardware:
* CPU: 16 Core AMD Opteron 6220
* RAM: 8x8 GB DDR3-1333
* HDDs: Unknown 279.4G HDD
* Motherboard:
* Power supply:
* Chassis:
* NICs:
* 10G Fiber: Mellanox Technologies MT26448 (00:02:c9:57:11:66)
* Ethernet: Intel Corporation 82576
* ac:16:2d:a4:6f:8e
* ac:16:2d:a4:6f:8f [Unused]
* ac:16:2d:a4:6f:92 [Unused]
* ac:16:2d:a4:6f:93 [Unused]
## Services:
* 146-dhcp
* docs
* dubsdot
* esports
* help-next-door [To be deleted]
* honeypot
* rekt [Inactive]
* trilogy
* victim [Inactive]
# Grand-Dad


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