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# Welcome to MkDocs
# Welcome to the COSI Info and Documentation server!
For full documentation visit [](
Information about infrastructure, services and about the labs in general can be found throughout the site.
## Commands
!!! Warning
* `mkdocs new [dir-name]` - Create a new project.
* `mkdocs serve` - Start the live-reloading docs server.
* `mkdocs build` - Build the documentation site.
* `mkdocs -h` - Print help message and exit.
As this site is under construction, some information may not be present. The most up to date documentation can be found on our [Gitea instance]( Older documentation may be found on the [older documentation server](
## Project layout
## Contributing to info/
mkdocs.yml # The configuration file.
docs/ # The documentation homepage.
... # Other markdown pages, images and other files.
COSI is a living-learning community. In order to help lab members (past, present and future) maintain the community, it becomes a necessity to document what each service is and how it works.Contributing to info/ is an ideal way of doing so as it is accessible to everyone from their web browser.
# Test Header
### How to contribute:
Test paragraph.
To contribute to info/, make sure you have an LDAP account on the COSI network. If you do not have one, contact an available sysadmin and they will create one for you.
Once you have an LDAP account, clone down the [info-slash repository]( and make modifications to your local copy. Commit and push your changes to have them be saved to the repository. To deploy your changes, run `mkdocs gh-deploy` and your changes will appear on info/ within 10 minutes.