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  1. # Bacon
  2. It's a storage and Kerberos server. It also hosts []( and is our main "email" server.
  3. ## Basic Info
  4. Bacon is used for homedirs and Kerberos. It has all of the PXE images on it, provides the COSI website, and also has been used as a general purpose box, IRC bouncer, and jump host.
  5. ## History
  6. Originally named Metapod (aka Meatpod), it was the only server not re-installed in Summer 2015 as part of the infrastructure overhauls, due to the system complexity and using BSD as an OS. In September 2016, it was reinstalled with a debian based distro by Bobby and others, making the system more accessible to use.
  7. ## Installation
  8. Oh boy.