Dubsdot Configuration Files
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Dubsdot webserver configuration files

We're converting the configurations from apache to nginx for performance and ease of use reasons

Contributing guide:

While converting:

Please put all HTTP/HTTP server directives in the same file, but each service gets its own file.


We are 72% (18/25) done.

Name Conversion Status
browniepoints done
clarkson done
derpysayings done
dev done
dubsdot done
fsuvius 0% (uWSGI)
grm 0% (uWSGI)
history done
life 0% (uWSGI)
mirrorstat done
cnrl done
place 0% (uWSGI)
pluto 0% (uWSGI)
poem done
print 0% (uWSGI)
probabilityverifier done
recursion done
scan done
scheduler done
starwars done
talk done
talks done
tsdata 0% (uWSGI)
waste done
wishlist done