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An online copy of the COSI book is currently hosted at

Invest in documentation and prefer simple solutions that are maintainable and transferable to others.

This repo is intended to be our new documentation solution for the labs. It's easy to serve, it's convenient to keep an offline copy, and it's backed with markdown.


The COSI book is built with mdbook. Its highly recommended you skim over the User Guide to get a jist for how the tool works. If you would like to preview your changes while you code follow these steps to setup mdbook.

  1. Install the rust programming lanague.
  2. After setting up rust run cargo install mdbook to get the latest version of the tool.
  3. Clone this repo git clone
  4. Within the repo run mdbook serve
  5. Document!

It is not strictly necessary to install mdbook to contribute to the book.


Until we get a good webhook solution updates to this repo must be manually deployed on dubsdot2.

As root on dubsdot2 run:

cd /opt/book
git pull
docker-compose up --build -d

If you notice mdbook has been updated and it needs to be recompiled run:

docker-compose build --no-cache
docker-compose up -d